What we are

Maranata is a non-profit organization and is faith-based dedicated to empowering the working poor to free themselves from poverty.

Maranata provides a safe haven for persons who have nowhere to stay. From time to time we receive job offerings where we try to assist the people of Maranata. Even if it is only temporarily, every bit helps.

Daan started Maranata in 2006 and converted his smallholding into a safe haven for people who have nowhere to go.  It started off with one family and thereafter more and more families came to Maranata for a place to stay.

Maranata has strict rules for the people they help and feed. One of the rules of Maranata is that no alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises and that all must learn to assist and be kind towards each other.  Every person is responsible for his/her own room in respect of cleanliness. Without respect for oneself, one cannot respect another person.

We have everything to be thankful for, and appreciate the little things in life more and realise that one should be grateful for what you have.

Maranata has a big kitchen and stove where three meals are prepared every day. We welcome families. (Children, adults and the elderly).

Maranata depends solely on donations from companies, individuals for food, clothing, bedding, etc.  If the donations received is more than enough for the people at Maranata, we gladly help other families in need.

People come to Maranata to get back on their feet and if they leave, they always come back for a visit and to share with the new group on how Maranata help them to empower themselves to lead a better life.

Everyone is entitled to a second chance  in life. We  believe that God gave us this tremendous task to help persons in need.

Regards, Daan.